<Pilot episode:"Sinking the USNS Vandenberg and Key West Wreck Fishing"
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Program Lineup 01.01.10 thru 02.15.10

episode #1 - Title: “Key West Pinks”
From The Water Show answers the question "What about those famous Key West Pink Shrimp and how do they catch them?" Filmed with the end in mind, dinner served with Key West Pinks sets the stage for an adventure on the Shrimp Boats out of Key West. From netting to sorting as well as the Fishing opportunities that are available due to the process. Feeding frenzies at every turn contrasted with luxury resort living!

episode #2 - Title: “Cuban Yo-Yo's”
From The Water Show takes you on a nostalgic adventure that employs the historical Cuban Yo-Yo hand line technique. The story of Hemingways' Mate with grooves cut into his fingers from this way of fighting fish inspired this episode. Richly historical and fun as Captain Marlin jumps in the water for some Snorkeling and Yo-Yo's.

episode #3 - Title: “Marlin and The Goliath”
The Goliath Grouper formerly know as JewFish has made a comeback. Captain Marlin hooks these giant Groupers and talks about the recovery success and maybe the issue with too much success. The Captains in the Keys believe Goliath Grouper are overly abundant and need to be "harvested". This show is high impact and full of hard core,
rod bending exhaustion.

episode #4 - Title: “Reef Frenzy”
Variety on the Reefs of The Florida Keys is sampled by heavy chumming on an area loaded with fish. From Yellowtail to Mackerels, Captain Marlin fishes an entire feeding cycle and enjoys the difference in each species. Rich in both fishing and diving sequences, when they say "Dog eat Dog" they meant "Fish eat Fish". All followed with a cook your catch at day’s end.

episode #5 - Title: “The Dry Tortugas”
Seventy miles west of Key West lies the beautiful Garden Key and Fort Jefferson included in The Dry Tortugas National Park. Captain Marlin is one of only eleven Captains in the nation that holds a valid Permit to run fishing charters to this remote
destination. Jurassic in nature, this area provides breathtaking visual events and fishing. From above, below and on the water, nothing matches The Dry Tortugas National Park. Truly a Planet Earth visual experience.

episode #6 - Title: “The Gulf Stream in The Florida Keys”
Trolling the "Great Blue Highway" that sits South of Key West and turns North near Key Largo can be amazing. One of the favorite ways to fish in the Florida Keys and one of the most productive. From the spread to the box and everything in between Captain Marlin shares his excitement for the hunt. The program originates and ends from the backdrop of a classic Florida Keys sport fishing retreat.


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